Joyeaux Cafe & Restaurant

Joyeaux Cafe & Restaurant is a Vietnamese restaurant located in Downtown. It offers a variety of Vietnamese food at pretty decent prices, considering the location is in Downtown. Perhaps we were there on an off-day, but my experience at Joyeaux Cafe & Restaurant was not enjoyable.

Eat Chicken Wraps Food Cart – Downtown Vancouver

Eat Chicken Wraps, as the name entails, serves exclusively chicken in taco or wrap form.  The chicken wraps have a taste of various cultures which is fitting for a multicultural place like Vancouver.  As fitting as it seems, the wrap with Chinese flavors is appropriately the most popular on the menu. Perhaps, it’s a nod […]

Portland Food Carts: Minizo Ramen

Right after chowing down at the food carts on SW 10th and SW Alder Street, Kelvin and I sped off immediately to Mississppi Marketplace, another food cart pod in Portland.  With barely any stomach space left, my only goal was to try the ramen cart– Minizo Ramen.

Ikenohana – Japanese food in an unfamiliar place

We went to Ikenohana for dinner after a long drive down to Oregon from Vancouver. In a state that is not as diversified as Vancouver or Seattle, we (or at least I was) were a little skeptical about the Japanese food here. Surprisingly, Ikenohana was very good and authentic. The Restaurant Ikenohana is a decent […]

Yah Yah Ya Ramen – Semi Customizable Ramen

A new Japanese-run ramen joint is in town and its name incurs laughter and confusion.  Yah-Yah-Ya Ramen serves noodles “Yokohama Style” and it already has a presence in Tokyo.  However, the neat part is that they emphasize the ability to customize parts of your ramen.  This isn’t anything shockingly new, but certainly adds to large variety […]

Cool Moon Ice Cream

As part of our series of Portland food binge, we had ice cream almost every night.  At first, Cool Moon made me think of Sailor Moon.  Little did I know, the ice cream here would more impressive than fighting evil by moonlight.  I saw the favorable 95% “like” status online and couldn’t resist.  The ice […]