Chad Thai – Great thai food in Burnaby

I didn’t really enjoy thai food until very recently. Spicy and tangyness isn’t really a mix of flavors that really meshed well with me. However, after spending a little bit of time in Thailand I learned that there is so much more than tom yum soup and pad thai. If you want wide range of […]

Ramengers – Ramen with a pinch of Anime Love

A new ramen shop opened earlier this year (April 2014) on Kingsway, a short trip away from Metrotown.  When you step in, you can obviously see that the owner is an avid anime/manga fan.  As an avid manga reader and former otaku, my interest was piqued. 

Longtail Kitchen

I was craving for thai food and was surprised at the number of thai restaurants there in New Westminster. Eventually, we settled on Longtail Kitchen.

Scoozis Mediterranean Bar & Grill

I have been to Scoozis’ on two occasions.  Both times I was forced to gobble my meal and hurry back to some accountant related work.  I could not fully enjoy the warm ambiance that Scoozis has to offer.  There is one thing to stress about this very colourful Mediterranean restaurant– Portions are large!

Secret Garden Tea Company – More Afternoon High Tea

Secret Garden is not much of a secret.  Located in Kerrisdale, this small homey tea shop is popular among young ladies, children, and their mothers.  It’s open only during daylight hours and afternoon high tea is the main entree.  As usual, men are usually nowhere to be found when high tea is concerned.  It’s another […]