Adding a S to Sushi – Sushi S

While thinking of a place to eat near Metrotown, we decided on Sushi S, which is located in the complex next to Moscrop Secondary. For those who frequent the Metrotown area, you would know that the sushi business is mainly dominated by Sushi Garden. While not immediately near Sushi Garden, Sushi S was a nice alternative to the long waits typically found at the former. But how is the food?

Before I dive into the food, I think it is important to discuss the location of Sushi S and the actual restaurant first. Sushi S is located in the complex next to Moscrop and those are in the area frequently will know how small that complex actually is. Not only that, but the tenants of that complex are rather territorial. Each establishment has a certain number of spots claimed for themselves and threats of towing are all around the spots. I totally understand why that is, but in a tiny parking lot this whole marking of parking spots is frustrating for those looking for a spot for their car. Jenny’s Convenience store, located next to Sushi S, claimed 3 spots for a relatively always empty store. The parking territorial behavior is not just limited to the complex, but also in the surrounding residential areas regulated by City of Burnaby and the residents. I’m not complaining about the blocked residential parking, but just trying to illustrate how hard finding a parking spot is if you were to visit Sushi S or the other establishments in the complex (except if you were visiting Jenny’s Convenience Store).

Sushi S - Amaebi Sashimi

Sushi S is rather spacious compared to most other Japanese restaurants. In a lot of other Japanese restaurants, any extra spacing is used for another table in an effort to maximize seating. Sushi S has lots of room, which makes for a comfortable seating/dining experience. They have a small washroom that is kept clean.

The Food

Sushi S - Agedashi Tofu

Many chunks of fried tofu

For an appetizer, we started off with Agedashi tofu. The first thing that caught our eyes was the portion size. Lots and lots of tofu! However, the actual tofu was ok.

The outer layer was too crispy. Whether the extra crispyness was due to the batter they used or the length of time they fried the tofu, I am not sure. I am leaning towards the batter they used as the color and lack of excess oil suggests the tofu wasn’t over fried.

The Agedashi tofu was also very firm compared to what we are used to,, which was different but also better. Most places we have been too uses a soft tofu, so when picked up with chopsticks, the tofu will fall apart. With the firm tofu, you obviously don’t have this issue.

While I did enjoy Sushi S’s Agedashi Tofu, Sara still preferred Hi-Genki’s rendition of this old, well known dish.

Sushi S - Red Roll

We tried one of their specialty rolls, that being the Red Roll. I always find it interesting how sushi joints take regular rolls, such as a California roll, and add lots of toppings to make it a specialty roll. The Red Roll at Sushi S is an chopped scallop roll with a chopped, spicy, tuna topping.

The roll itself was nice and fresh tasting and not a whole lot of rice was used in the roll, which is nice. On the Sushi S menu, they actually put a claim that they use less rice so you can experience the taste of the fish more – or something like that. The Red Roll is recommended to those who like spicy as the sauce can be quite powerfully spicy.

Sushi S - House Salad

Organic greens with spicy tuna tempura

As part of my diet (…), I had a salad. Their house salad is essentially a organic spring mix of vegetables, no different than the bags of salad you find at Safeway or your local grocery store. Their house dressing is, I think based on color and taste, just a mix of vinegar, sugar and either mayonnaise or yogurt. You also have the option to add thing like assorted sashimi, spicy tuna tempura and smoked salmon for additional cost. I elected for the spicy tuna tempura. The spicy tuna tempura was cold and essentially the same as the topping on the Red Roll, just wrapped in seaweed and fried.

The Conclusion

Sushi S is a decent alternative if you don’t want to wait in line for Sushi Garden near the Metrotown area. Be forewarned though: parking is hard to find, especially on a weekend night (Friday – Sunday). The first thing Sara exclaimed when she looked at the menu was, “Wow, everything is so cheap”. In a time where there is inflation everywhere, Sushi S makes for a good, cheap, dinner.

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  1. I know this location. One of my friends used to live in one of the houses directly behind the plaza. Since there is an outdoor basketball court at the high school across the street, we could grab a bite to eat or get refreshments immediately after playing. Very convenient.

    From what I remember a couple of years ago, there high tenant turnover. There is always a new restaurant every year or so.

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