Dine out 2014 – Seasons in the Park

Seasons In The Park, located in Queen Elizabeth Park, was the bling restaurant of choice for this year’s Dine Out Vancouver. The standard Dine Out menu is $28 but offers an option to enhance your entree to either a 12oz NY Steak or Miso Marinated Sablefish which boosts the total package to $38. Sablefish is to die for so this was an intriguing deal.

Beautiful hilltop view of Vancouver

Beautiful hilltop view of Vancouver

Seasons wasn’t as busy as Cork & Fin but the air was certainly full of Dine Out anticipation. As mentioned, Seasons gives you the option to choose a pricier version of their Dine Out entrees. This year, you may notice that the entrees obviously outshine their appetizers and desserts. In fact, their appetizers were quite plain and unexciting.

Seasons In The Park: 2014 Dine Out Menu

Seasons In The Park: 2014 Dine Out Menu

A simple ceasar salad

A simple caesar salad

Seared Abacore Tuna

Seared Abacore Tuna

As you can see, the appetizers were generally full of greens. Salads for both of us! My Caesar salad was fresh but typical– no comments needed. My friend’s albcore tuna was quite smaller than I expected. Perhaps it was due to the very large plate it was on. She too had no comments however I couldn’t help but notice that there are only three pieces of tuna.

The main attraction:  Miso Marinated Sablefish

The main attraction: Miso Marinated Sablefish

Both of us couldn’t say no to succulent, moist, Sablefish in miso. This was the highlight of the evening and I had a lot of expectations. However, the description on the menu leaves a lot to the imagination. I anticipated more to the plating other than rice and 2 broccoli. When the dish arrived, it smelled delicious but I couldn’t help but think of my own dinners at home:  a slab of fish, boiled green vegetables and a bowl of rice.  Don’t get me wrong, this dish was good. While my friend had no complaints, I had one reservation– The dish felt wet and dry at the same time.

The sablefish was cooked extraordinarily well. It was marinated from top to bottom. Miso was definitely in the air. The fish was extremely moist and tender. However, miso can be salty. Eating that with rice made my mouth gave me an awkward dry/thirsty feeling.

Chocolate cake!

Chocolate cake with chocolate truffle and raspberry coulis

Vanilla bean creme brulee and biscotti

Vanilla bean creme brulee and biscotti

The chocolate cake was decadent. I found the chocolate truffle layer fluffy and not as rich/heavy as I thought it would be. Normally, I’m not a fan of chocolate, but this cake wasn’t bad at all.

The vanilla creme brulee was alright. It had a soft vanilla bean flavour but the texture of the custard was a little too thin for my tastes. I wished it was just a tad bit more firmer (less cream used in the mixture). The burnt sugar topping was laid on thick but it’s always a delight to crack that layer with a spoon.

Obligatory drinks:  Bloody Mary (left) and Cosmopolitan (right)

Obligatory drinks: Bloody Mary (left) and Cosmopolitan (right)

Hats off to the bartender.  He spared no effort in the alcohol. As expected of Seasons, the drinks were not weak. I could taste everything that was in that Bloody Mary.

Seasons is for those attending event functions, and the prestigious. Because of the $9 drinks, the final bill made my eyes bulge– About $50 per person after tax…. and before tip. I put my face into my hands after handing over my credit card. Dine Out offers you the chance to have a 3 course meal for the price of 1 course. Season’s regular menu lists sablefish as $33. We paid $38 for it plus 2 other dishes. However, a caesar salad and creme brulee can probably be made with $5…
Overall, the meal was ok. The mediocrity of the salad and desserts does brings down the beauty that was the entree. Other than the comment regarding my thirst while eating the fish, it was scrumptious.

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  1. I personally like Cosmos.

    I get my wife to order it and drink it secretly when no one is looking. I also keep it on her side of the table.

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