Ebisu Oyster Blowout

It’s Monday night and you had a lousy day at work. Time for drinks and cheapo oysters at Ebisu (Broadway)! Ebisu awesomely serves buck-a-shuck oysters (99 cents actually) as a late night happy hour special from 8:30pm onward 7 days a week. That practically beats all the buck-a-shuck places in Vancouver. Who the hell wants it only at 5-6pm only at $1-1.50 a piece, seriously? 

Happy hour time: Oysters - $0.99 each

Late night Happy hour time: Oysters – $0.99 each

Regular happy hour starts from 5pm onward but the oysters special begins strictly at 8:30pm. Royal Miyagi oysters are served with lemon wedges, tabasco and ponzu vinaigrette sauce. Personally, I prefer the ponzu sauce. If you require various spices or horse radish, you unfortunately won’t find that here. This is raw oysters, Japanese style. Ponzu sauce is the star dressing. The oysters were fresh, cold, and gooey soft. It had a clean and briny taste, fitting for a royal miyagi. For a place specializing in Japanese food fare, they did a fine job shucking. No shell bits anywhere.

Happy hour flight of shots - $15 for 8

Happy hour flight of shots – $15 for 8

For obligatory drinks, we ordered the shooter set available during happy hour. 8 shots for $15 seemed like a good deal. Eyes sparkled when we saw the many colours. The alcohol was certainly there but the taste fell short.

Red – tasted like cherry cough syrup. The most potent shot
Cloudy – lemon and vodka. This reminded me of lemon soju
Yellow – Melon liquor with pineapple juice (I think)
Blue – Tropical fruit taste with blue curacao

Needless to say, we appreciated the booze after a lousy Monday but we did not like the taste overall.

With rising prices, the famed Rodney’s Oyster House has lost its grip over buck-a-shuck. What was once $1 is sometimes $1.50. Cork and Fin also charges $1.50. I fear inflation will conquer oysters in this city. Thankfully most places are still buck-a-shuck, however, what peeves me the most is that happy hours are a 2-3 hour span usually starting at 4 or 5pm. Ain’t nobody got time for that! 

What appeals to me at Ebisu is the time oysters are offered– unlimited after 8:30pm. I like to have a few while I snack on dinner or gulp down drinks. Who wants to eat dinner at 4-5pm during the after-work rush hour? Oysters are meant to be eaten in full relaxation!

Note: Ebisu also has it’s own happy hour menu (5pm onward and 8:30pm onward) with a variety of other Japanese tapa, sushi, and sake. Also, oyster happy hour at 8:30pm is only available at the Ebisu Broadway. For Ebisu Robson and Ebisu Richmond, it’s 4:30-6:30pm.

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