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I have heard people say Guu Richmond is the worst of the Guu locations in Vancouver. I disagree. While the turnover of Japanese staff is pretty damn high (I have seen some charmingly hot servers come and go in the past 6 years), the food and service have always been consistent in my book.

Today’s very delayed review is for Guu Richmond in Aberdeen Centre. The place is located next to Dinesty Dumpling House. A friend and I spent our New Years dinner here. As many already know, each Guu location features their own daily specials in addition to the standard menu. New Years called for an extra special menu.

The New Years specials - January 1, 2014

The New Years specials – January 1, 2014

Sashimi Ochazuke with tuna, salmon and raw shrimp sashimi

Sashimi Ochazuke with tuna, salmon and raw shrimp sashimi

We both ordered the same dish– Sashimi Ochazuke. Now, in Vancouver, you typically can’t find any ochazuke except in selected izakayas. I only know of two places: Guu and Seto (an expensive but fantastic sushi place). Ochazuke is just rice submerged in broth and tea plus toppings such as sashimi, fish flakes, seaweed, etc. A slab of wasabi is swabbed onto the side of the bowl. You add it to the soup to give it a spicy kick to the tastebuds. Overall, I found it very filling for my womanly stomach. You can definitely taste the dashi broth especially with the added wasabi, not so much the tea but this makes it that much more hearty. It certainly warmed me up. My friend, however, found it to be “so-so”. She was not too keen on the idea of soup-rice mixtures.

If you’re into the sashimi part, beware of the hot broth. It cooks the fish fast. I prefer to take out the sashimi and eat it half-cooked.

Our New Year drinks: Witch's Brew (left) and Magician (right)

Our New Year drinks: Witch’s Drink(left) and Magician (right), $5.50 each

It ain’t a holiday with out some alcohol. The drink special was “The Witch’s Drink” and “Magician”. My witchy drink is made of red wine, ginger ale and “ice of lemon”. You can really taste the sweetness of the red wine. TART and SWEET!
To me, “Magician” was magically milky. It’s made of Kaluha milk, whip cream and cinnamon, stirred together with a chocolate spoon. This is not for those on a diet. Forget the alcohol, it was like a milkshake with only a hint of kaluhua. It was good but the chocolate spoon tasted very generic and processed.

Chawanmushi - a savoury Japanese egg custard

Chawanmushi – a savoury Japanese egg custard

A favourite of mine, the Chawanmushi, was only on the New Years menu. Usually you get it in a small tea cup size but surprisingly, it came in a small hotpot over a flame. Consistency of the egg was good. The egg broth was excellent and tasty with portions of chicken, mushroom and  and fish cake. It was quite delicious, soft and smooth however, it took 20 mins to cook. The dish comes to you uncooked as a liquid broth– the waiter lights the flame, and you wait 20 minutes for it to be edible. The wait was agonizing.


Guu is guud. The dishes are small and pricey but tasty. The daily menu is something my friends and I look forward to. The restaurant is always full and noisy– a sign of good times. They are doing something right.

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  1. I hate how at these places the servers yell out the orders to the cooks. Is shouting absolutely necessary? What happened to pen and paper or computer order systems?


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