Kaneda – A late night affair

All You Can Eat (AYCE) restaurants are always difficult to review. Unlike other restaurants, judging an AYCE place based on quality is a little unfair. AYCE places are not particularity known for quality instead but for the bargain – am I getting decent enough food for the price I pay, is ultimately the question. In most cases, the high quantity of food can justify the low quality of the food. Kaneda is sort of in the middle and quite frankly is sometimes a hit or miss. Sometimes the food at Kaneda is amazing. Sometimes the food is terrible. And sometimes the food is just decent. I have been to Kaneda a lot and I have experienced all three. Thankfully, the experience this time was decent.

Kaneda - Japanese AYCE

Once in a blue moon, Sara will decide to go to a AYCE restaurant with me. As she once stated, AYCE are meant for people with elephant appetites and not meant for little girl appetites. Because when we go for dinner it’s usually the two of us, AYCE are rarely an option. However, this night Sara was feeling particularly hungry so we went down to Kaneda to enjoy their late night AYCE menu.

Kaneda - Japanese AYCE

Judging by their regular menu, Kaneda is a place that tries to set itself apart from their competitors by offering “higher end” food items on their regular menu. At the regular menu price, you can order such delicacies as raw oysters, various fish roe and specialty rolls. For their deluxe menu, you can even order black cod. When Kaneda’s kitchen is on their game, their BBQ items such as BBQ Short Ribs, Chicken Skewers and Chicken Terriyaki are amazing and well worth the AYCE price.

Kaneda - Japanese AYCE

Decent for an AYCE joint

Their late night menu obviously doesn’t have any of the premium items. The menu is mainly composed of the standard sushi and hot food options. The quality of the sushi was pretty decent and actually comparable to some sushi restaurants I have been too. The sashimi looked and tasted fresh and the rolls had a decent amount of “filling” and wasn’t just rice. The cooked food portion is a different story.

Kaneda - Japanese AYCE

All that sushi! Inari is super sweet

While the BBQ Short Ribs were great, the beef and chicken terriyaki was dry and attempted to be masked by copious amounts of terriyaki sauce. The fried squid was too fried and was super crispy. I also had a beef skewer, where the beef was so over marinated that it didn’t really taste like beef anymore. As I sit here and write this, my mouth is like a desert so one of these cooked items was laced with insane amounts of MSG (I am betting that it is the beef skewer).

Kaneda - Japanese AYCE

Dried beef smothered with teriyaki sauce

Kaneda - Japanese AYCE

Chicken Teriyaki!

The Conclusion

Kaneda - Japanese AYCE

Deep fried squid

Kaneda is really a hit-or-miss kind of place. Sometimes the quality of the food will wow you for an AYCE place and other times it will scare you so bad that you never want to come back. Personally, I think Kaneda’s late night menu is worth the chance. At $13.99, you still get some decent food and if you stick to the sushi, then it is well worth the price. However, if you really like the cooked items, then you are going to have a bad time. If you do have a bad time and need to go to the washroom, know that they are kept relatively clean and their music is on full blast in there.

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One thought on “Kaneda – A late night affair

  1. “AYCE are meant for people with elephant appetites and not meant for little girl appetites”.

    That statement is really dependent on what is being served. One family member has said on multiple dinners to be very full and can’t eat anymore but when dessert comes, strongly insists on ordering and eating.

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