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As I was having my lunch one day at work, I couldn’t help but notice my co-worker’s chicken terriyaki don. What caught my way was the huge portions of chicken he was having as part of his take-out lunch. I quickly asked him where you obtained such a monstrosity of a lunch. He told me it was from Momo sushi and that the price was under $8.00.

Big portions? Check. Low Price? Double check.


The Restaurant


I usually bring my own lunch, unless our chef is making steak or hot dogs that day, but I had to make an exception for Momo sushi. Momo is located in Gastown right next to Guu. The restaurant itself is fairly small so when Momo sushi is busy, the wait time can be long. I have walked by Momo a few times in the past and they are always spilling out the door with customers – most of them for take out but they are equally busy for sit down diners. If you decide to go to Momo for lunch, I would recommend you either order take-out or come before prime lunch time.

The Food

Even though Momo was rather busy, the service was fast and attentive. We did not have to ask for refills and the food arrived fast.


I had the Chicken Terriyaki Don, which was $6.99 on the menu. Just looking at the picture you can (sort of..maybe) see that the portions are indeed huge. This was enough to fill me. The pieces of chicken was nice and big and crispy. There was also enough of terriyaki sauce to cover the chicken and rice. Sometimes restaurants put way too much sauce (or too little) but in the case of Momo, the amount of sauce was perfect. One thing that I noticed was that the terriyaki sauce wasn’t your typical terriyaki sauce. Terriyaki sauce is suppose to be sweet but Momo’s terriyaki sauce was more tangy, closer to tonkatsu sauce then terriyaki sauce. If you prefer sweeter terriyaki sauce, you might be disappointed.


My friend had combo B. Lunch combos come with a generous amount of food – first Momo starts you off with a seaweed salad, salad and a miso soup. When the actually combo comes, there is also a decent amount of food. What’s great is that Momo lets you make substitutions. My friend was able to sub his California roll for a Spicy Salmon roll at no charge. Pretty good deal I think.


The Conclusion

If you are in the area, be sure to come by to Momo for lunch. They offer great portions of food at a really decent price. If you usually get something from the food court, you are better off with something from Momo. While the overall taste isn’t great, its still decent. However, you probably won’t be able to find a better deal – especially in downtown Vancouver.

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4 thoughts on “Momo Sushi – Jesus Loves You and Momo

  1. I’d also recommend Urban sushi on Granville Street, its a bit pricey but really tasty. You won’t be disappointed!

    • Hey Tom! I used to go there alot for lunch during work days. Great rolls but yea, I agree, it can be pricey and sometimes so busy that waiters get absent minded. Torino roll all the way.

      • You can order online and pick it up.

        After picking up my order, I like to eat it at the Pacific Center food court. I display all the Urban Sushi branded condiments out on the table while I eat. This is so that patrons of the Pacific Center food court will know that while I am not a customer of the food court, I am taking up free space that they could have used for eating their food. Makes my order taste that much better.

  2. That is not the correct use of the meme! I forbid it! I demand rectifications!

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