Sushi Den – “Kelvin does not like”

As the title suggests, Kelvin thoroughly did not enjoy his meal at Sushi Den. He wanted me to stress that part. This sushi joint is conveniently near Costco in downtown Vancouver. It is by Tinseltown which is a small shopping centre in Gastown (on the edge of Chinatown).

Seafood salad on a cold day

Seafood salad on a cold day

I ordered a Seafood Salad – $7. It wasn’t that bad but I expected more. The greens were fresh and crunchy but the selection of seafood was on the dull side. There were prawns, octopus, SMOKED salmon, and strips of clam and yellowtail. It also had onions which I found to be an odd choice to include in a salad. On the good side, the soy vinaigrette was bountiful and had a zing to it.  I am fan of the tangy. I did not quite like the idea of smoked salmon though. Salmon sashimi would have been a better compliment.

Kelvin's terriyaki beef bento box of doom

Kelvin’s terriyaki beef bento box of doom

This Terriyaki Beef Bento Box was Kelvin’s order. For $10.50, he had several complaints: – Terriyaki beef was clearly pre-cooked then heated up again. It was dry but well marinated. The amount of beef was ok. – There was yam, prawn and sweet potato tempura. All three were extremely crunchy because it was in the fryer too long. There was too much batter. – California rolls was “mostly rice” – “Kelvin does not like.

Agedashi Tofu with pitiful amounts of sauce

Agedashi Tofu with pitiful amounts of sauce

I also ordered an appetizer– Agedashi Tofu – $4. I instantly called the waitress with a complaint. There was barely any tentsuyu sauce. Without it, I lose all interest in deep fried tofu. Thankfully, the attentive waitress gave me extra sauce with a smile. The tofu, on the other hand, is harder to fix. The outside was very starchy which gave off a gooey texture. Like the tempura, it had too much batter when fried. Inside, it was too firm.

Overall: Sushi Den definitely did not wow us. The place was busy during the lunch rush thanks to its convenient location. They do offer a large selection of specialty rolls however, we will likely never try them.


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